Ken Cloke: There Is No Them. There Is Just Us.

“If chickens are playing on a playground and they’re fighting, the very first thing that we tend to do is separate them. Separation works to stop the fighting, but it doesn’t work to settle the issues that they’re fighting over. So there are relatively primitive and relatively advanced methods for handling any particular type of conflict. And those are endless — throughout our lives, we have nothing but opportunities for transcendence and transformation! To change the form of the thing, and by changing it, we learn from it and discover some higher order of capacity, to come to terms with this thing that was giving us the most trouble.” Ken Cloke is Director of the Center for Dispute Resolution in Southern California. He specializes in mediation, negotiation and resolution of complex organizational, interpersonal, and public policy disputes. What follows is an interview with Ken Cloke in which he shares fascinating stories of his approach, and stresses the benefits of dialog in our lives and in the world.{ read more }